Friday, 23 November 2012

Hi~ I need your help ^^

Hi everyone~

Let me introduce myself first(:
I'm RiceBunny, one of Cloud 9 Subs' founders and I'm also one of Cloud 9 Scans' admins.
As for my jobs, I'm responsible of "maintening" Cloud 9 Subs (& sub the videos) & I can also edit and translate though I did not work on any releases for Cloud 9 Scans because for now, my main priority is releasing videos for Cloud 9 Subs.
Thanks to our awesome head editor, Strawberriful.
We got an email from her saying that Crash! might become an anime?

And as you guessed (or not)
We need your help to translate and sub these videos~ 
AND the maybe anime episodes~

Please help, we'll really appreciated :D

To apply to join Cloud 9 Subs, please click here ^^


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