Saturday, 24 November 2012

Crash! Chapter 26


Crash! Chapter 26 has been released~
Go download it by clicking here!!!!
(Still working on our forum sorrry)

Inside there's obviously the story
and an interview with one of our founders!
Can you guess which one without downloading it?
Of course you can't, so go download it.

As usual, please wait 24 hours before hosting it.
Take example on
We don't like leechers~
If you do host it before 24 hours, lOovelysunShine will rip your head off~ and we don't want that ^^ ;D

Thank You To:
Yukina25 (Translator)
Strawberriful (Editor)
Nazaiya (Proofreader)
Alice (Proofreader)
Bran (Quality Checker)


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