How can I contact Cloud 9 Scans
The quickest way to reach us is to leave a message on our Facebook page. Otherwise, you can send us an email by going to the "Contact Us" section. If you want to contact our leader (or head-admin), please send her an email at: loovelysunshine@gmail.com
Joint project? Just click the "Contact Us" button~! Re-translations? No problem! Just click the same button!

Can you pick up this manga?
Yes if you have the scans and if we are interested in the story, we will pick it upPlease do not suggest unless you have the raws or know of a site that has raws... Please check if another group is doing it or if they dropped it. Also, please check if the genre is appropriate for our staff that are younger.

You are doing another project that another group is doing!
We always search to make sure another group is not doing a project we are doing. We always check to see if it has been dropped. We will not take on projects currently been worked on. We only pick up projects only if a release hasn't been done over 6 months - 1 year and we make sure about that. (For example : Crash!)

When will Chapter X of XX will be released?
This pretty much varies, but we try to release at least 1 chapter/week. Maybe you do not know, but most of our staff are still teenagers/kids and they DO go to SCHOOL. We will do our best to release each chapters as fast as possible in the best quality possible. Also, if we do pick up other projects or if we do a joint project, it also depends how many staffs do we have and if the other group is also progressing with their side of work. But most of the time, we announce when we MIGHT release a chapter.

Can we host your projects? 
You can... after a 24 hour of waiting. This will permit us to correct any mistakes that we find that the quality checker didn't find. Please respect this, we are not asking you to ask for our permission to host it. We're only asking you to wait ONE day.

Where are your releases located at? 
All of our releases are located at our Active Projects section (click here) or at our Completed Projects section (click here). There are also hosting sites (but we call them online readers sites {it doesn't make any sense? Yeah we know}). We usually upload them the day we are going to release it on the hosting sites (such as MangaFox, MangaTraders, etc) and then, our releases pops on pretty much every hosting sites (except MangaReader and MangaPanda, don't know why though)

Where can I download your releases?
You can download them by going to our Project(s) section, and click on the manga you want to download. The next step is simply scroll down and go to the chapter you want to download. You can download the chapter as a ZIP FILE. We don't upload it on Scribd anymore because nobody download it anyway. If you want to download it as a PDF File, you can always email the group by going to the "Contact Us" section.
We use MediaFire to upload our ZIP FILES

Can I join your group?
You're extremely welcomed to join our group. Most of the time, we accept pretty much everybody, unless you really failed our test or if we have too much staff. If you want to join our group, please click here. Only apply if you're dedicated please(:

Here are all of our simple and easy to follow rules~

Rule #1: After seeing so many sites hosting our releases without our permission, we decided to let them host the releases. Starting today, all the hosting websites are allowed to freely host our releases. But, please wait a 24 hour delay FOR ALL OF OUR PROJECTS.

Rule #2: Do not rip off any pages. Especially not the credits page

Rule #3: Do not change our files' names or alter anything else. Beware the "Sunshine" (consider yourself warned)

Rule #4: Do not steal our releases and claim it as yours.

Rule #5Please do not sell/make profit out of our releases! Cloud 9 Scans is a non-profit group who translates Mangas/Manhwas/Manhuas for people who does not have access to them in their country/area. If you payed to read our releases, you have been scammed! Also, if there's a website that does this, please report this immediately to us.

Rule #6: If you like the stories, Please SUPPORT the mangakas by buying their books when available in your country/area!  

Rule #7: Please don't pick up any manga we've dropped because it got licensed in English, otherwise why would we drop it?

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