Feel free to submit any kind of manga/manhwa/manhua for us to translate~! The only genre we cannot accept is ECCHI. There are a lot of youngsters in our group ;*  Smut is fine, as long it is not TOO much.
You can also suggest a manga/manhwa/manhua for us to read. We always enjoy a good series.

Before submitting a manga/manhwa/manhua, please make sure that:
1- There must be raws online. (At the least.)
2- The series is not licensed in ENGLISH. Please check this on
3- If you want this series to be translated in another language, please check if the series is not also licensed in the language you want. We currently only translates into English and maybe French.
4- THE RAWS MUST BE IN JAPANESE, CHINESE, KOREAN OR FRENCH (or any other languages, though please ask if we have a translator of that certain language ^^)

Request are currently: OPEN / CLOSED.

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