Saturday, 13 July 2013

Update! ^^

Hi, it's lOovelysunShine with an update~

Well, after sending a few emails to my staff members, quite a few of them have replied and those who have replied are coming back to Cloud 9 Scans!
*throws candies and teddy bears in the air*
*cries of happiness*

Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of my staff members, most of them being translators and cleaners ._.
So, to the past staff members: Thank you very much for all the contribution you have given for this scanlating group. It really means a lot, just by the fact you guys wanted to be part of the family! <3

For those who want to be part of the family, don't hesitate to send me an email at
I promise, we will reply as soon as possible!

And as for the staff members who are coming back, here's the official list (for now, since I'm still waiting for the other replies if there are some.) Please welcome them back with kisses and hugs and candies and chocolates!
*throws confettis*
*sings 1D live while we're young*
*slaps myself for singing*

- Yukina25 <> French Translator
- HitoriJanai <> Head Cleaner / Occasional Typesetter
- PrincessTriforce <> Cleaner
- WangJi <> Japanese and German Translator
- NightSkye <> Chinese Translator
- Rachh <> Head Japanese and Chinese Translator
- Nellie <> Head-Typesetter
- Alice <> Proofreader / Occasional Chinese Translator
- KureNekoKawaii <> Cleaner

And thank you, for all your services.
Here's the list of our retired/mia staff:
-Bran (Ex Head Quality-Checker)
-Kina (Ex-Editor)
-Choco-Chan (Ex-Typesetter)
-Yani (Ex Head-Proofreader)
-Ying (Ex-Editor)
-Ichigo (Ex-Editor)
-Nao (Ex Head-Japanese Translator)
-Chips (Ex-Editor)
-KuroNekoKawaii (Ex-Editor)
-Dakotasapphire (Ex-Editor)
-Misunakama (Ex-Chinese Translator)
-MaiLinh-Chan (Ex-German Translator)
-Nazaiya (Ex-Head Proofreader & Admin)
And let's welcome the new people who are now part of our family~!
- Reika <> Head-Proofreader
- Kei <> Chinese Translator
- Sasugasugoi <> Typesetter / Occasional Cleaner


  1. Welcome back guys and goodbye and good luck to everyone who needs to part! You are truly appreciated ! Looking forward to your new works (^.^)

  2. Another common feature is the lack of address and phone number in almost all of these resumes. However, some of them not only have address and phone number, but also a photograph of the “translator”!