Monday, 18 February 2013


Hi everyone~
Sorry we're kind of late with the February update post,
but hey~ better late than never, right?
Anyway, here are the updates

CherryBombz' section
Hi guys~
We still need more editors and typesetters since most of them are still on hiatus or MIA.
We're willing to train, so join us people ^^
Here's a recruitment page that I made, just for fun.

Let's just hope that she won't kill me... hehehe....

But the truth is that she's the sweetest thing alive, she's never like this.
But maybe a year later, when Cloud 9 Scans will be a much better group.

No offence, guys<3

lOovelysunShine's Section
Late, I know.
Almost the end of the month, I know that too.

~Maybe 1 release of Princess Nightmare
~Maybe 1-3 for Crash!
~Maybe 1 release of Shinkakei Lovers
~1 or 2 releases of Uwasa no Midori-Kun
~Maybe 1 release for Yoshiwara Hana Oboro
~1-2 releases for Ato nimo Saki nimo Kimi dake

RiceBunny's Section
STILL COLD AS F***. (sorry for my language)
Anyway, news about our projects!
(Other than our future releases)
We got a raw provider<333333
She's the one who got for us Chapter 5-6-7 for Yoshiwara Hana Oboro, and she will keep doing that for other projects too.
So, I'd like to thank her~ Thank you :D

That's it for now, we'll update this post if needed.(:


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