Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hey guys~
It's lOovelysunShine, CherryBombz & RiceBunny!
Sorry if we took so long to make an update.
We've been so lazy We've been really busy and stuffs...
Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR (even though we already said it)
Best wishes to all, good health, love and best of luck to everybody in the world :D~

CherryBombz's Section
Yay, our second update!
Just a little reminder, my section is about our staff/recruitment section.
Secondly; we recently re-opened our Typesetter's section. Yes, we currently need 1 more typesetter. Why? Because our head-typesetter is on hiatus for at least 2-3 months and we don't have any typesetters anymore D:
Thirdly; we still need Editors. Experienced is preferred, but if you know the basics, just send us an email.
Fourth; we also need translators. Japanese or Chinese. But not a lot.
Join us and become our slaves part of our team~! :D

lOovelysunShine's Section
Happy New Year, it's already 2O13!!
I still hate the cold
Anyway, my section is mainly about our future releases.
Still don't have many staff (vacation)
Anyway so I predict there will be:

~1-2 releases of Princess Nightmare
~1-3 for Crash!
~1 release of Shinkakei Lovers
~1 or 2 releases of Uwasa no Midori-Kun
~Maybe 1 release for Yoshiwara Hana Oboro
~Maybe 1-2 release for Ato nimo Saki nimo Kimi dake

RiceBunny's Section
Well, lOovelysunShine was too lazy to finish almost finish our forum. We still need to add some projects, but hey check it out!
And yes, I had to leave my lovely Cloud 9 Subs for a while because I'm still waiting for people to join. No staff = no releases = I can't work. So I'm helping Cloud 9 Scans for a little while.
Click here to visit our kind of sucky awesome forum~
Oh & btw, only registered members are allowed to check out our forum. Yeah, that's right. You have to be a registered member to be able to download our releases. We will take down the other link soon.


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  1. Can't wait for the Atonimo Sakinimo Kimidake update <333 Thanks for take this manga as one of your projects :)