Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas~!

Hey guys~

It's lOovelysunShine & CherryBombz, wishing you guys a very MERRY CHRISTMAS~! XXX
Hope you guys got what you wanted, spend some awesome time with your family and friends, be careful not to catch a cold ;D
Thank god we didn't die the 21st
Scratch that, we didn't say anything. Though, we wonder if we were the only one that were watching 2012 the next day to make fun of the director...
Anyways, do we have tons of releases for you guys?
Um... nop, sorry.
It's not a troll, we swear.
We actually decided to release our secret stash on new years, which also include the first chapters of our upcoming projects as well.
Anyway, for you guys, TWO CHAPTERS FROM CRASH!
Thank you all for your patience!
You can downlaod it by going to our "Projects" section and click on Crash!'s image ;D

Thanks again for:
-Strawberriful (Editor Ch.27 - Typesetter Ch,28)
-Ichigo (Editor Ch.28)
-Yukina25 (Translator Ch.27-28)
-Nazaiya (Proofreader Ch.27-28)
-Alice (Proofreader (Ch.27-28)

Thank you guys so much for your support.

-lOovelysunShine & CherryBombz

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