Saturday, 1 December 2012


Hey guys~
It's lOovelysunShine~
(feat. CherryBombz)
Here we are, giving you the updates for the month of December for Cloud 9 Scans :D
As for the updates of Cloud 9 Subs, please go visit their site and RiceBunny instead by clicking here ^^

CherryBombz's Section
Yay, our first update!
Well, first of all, my section is (most of the time) about our staff/recruitment section.
Secondly; maybe you didn't notice, but we recently re-opened our Typesetter's section. Yes, we currently need 1 more typesetter. Why? Because our head-typesetter is on hiatus for at least 2-3 months and our other typesetter is MIA (or maybe not)
And I prefer if you are experienced because I don't feel like training someone yet.
Thirdly; we need an admin for our Facebook page, no criterias for this position~ Send us an email. :)

lOovelysunShine's Section
I love December but I hate the cold >.>
Anyway, my section is mainly about our future releases.
For the month of December;
About already the 1/4 of my staff asked for a break, mainly because  they have exams and they want to be with their families for the break instead of their computers and working their asses off. And since I have a heart, of course I would let them have their break.
Anyway so I predict there will be:

~1-2 releases of Princess Nightmare
~A lot of releases for Crash!
~1 release of Shinkakei Lovers
~1 or 2 releases of Uwasa no Midori-Kun
~Maybe 1 release for Yoshiwara Hana Oboro


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