Saturday, 3 November 2012

Uwasa no Midori-Kun Chapter 34~

Hey guys~

We feel really bad about not releasing anything for Halloween (because you give candies and we switch candies to releases... get it...? AH FORGET IT. I'M NOT GOOD WITH HUMOR) 
Anyway, we finally finished Uwasa no Midori-Kun Chapter 34!
We started it since I don't the beginning of October.
Spent almost a month on this release :3 So you better enjoy it ^^
You can go download it at our "Active Projects" section.
Please wait 24 hour before releasing it on hosting sites, etc. (Which means you can start uploading it at 13:20 the 4th of November)

**Also, please be patient, we're currently working on our forum~**

Thank you to:
-Nao (Raw Provider and Japanese Translator)
-KiNa (Editor)
-Yani (Proofreader)
-Nazaiya (Proofreader)
-Alice (Proofreaer)
-Glam (Typesetter)



  1. You guys are the best !!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much for translating this.
    it made my day. Super excited ~ i'm gonna go read it now. Thanks again !

  2. Thanks for the Release.....even if I HATE the outcome in this Manga....

  3. Thanks everybody!
    We really appreciate your comments ^^