Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sand Chronicles (RE-UPDATED)

Currently reading the ending of Sand Chronicles;
Thank you Solara (Admin at Transient Mirage Scans) for sending me the scans of the ending :D
This project is currently being translated by Sweet Sense and we've send them an email to ask to do a joint project.
Will be updating this post when we will receive the reply
Also, the next chapter of Crash! will be release soon(:

We got the permission to continue scanlating the project. But since it's been liscensed in English, the people from USA or from the UK ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DOWNLOAD THEM. We're going to try and put restrictions for that.



  1. Hey! I was wondering when you would be releasing the next volume of sand chronicles? It's hard to come by that manga over here in the Philippines as much as I would like to purchase them myself, I have until volume 5 and I've read until volume 7 and I'm dying to know what happens, I've been searching everywhere for a place that has either scanned or scanlated the rest of the books. Hahahaha! Hoping you could let me know?

  2. Whoops! Also, if you ever read this, you can contact me in just in case.