Monday, 8 October 2012

Me & lOovelysunShine = MAD.

Okay, seriously.
Me and lOovelysunShine are like really frustrated right now.
I know we've made A LOT of changes to our website and rules; but please respect them.
For example, our new rule is to ask our permission to host our releases. AND the only hosting sites that have our permission is MANGA FOX AND MANGA HERE. 
SO, why did we see other hosting sites hosting our releases without us knowing?
ALSO, some of these sites RIPPED OFF some of our pages. (At least they didn't take out the credits page [thank god])
It's not like we're going to bite someone; we're doing this because we want to know where are our releases hosted at.
You know, to keep track of them (& to make sure that these sites are not violating any of our rules >.<)
So please guys, please ask our permission first. It's not like we're going to say no.



  1. Unfortunately it's the way things work as of now. Even if you try to tell those said sites to take it off, they probably won't. It's this way for pretty much all groups.