Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Crash! 2 -> Sequel?

Hey guys~

So, Chapter 24 of Crash! was released yesterday and it was not supposed to be yesterday, and lOovelysunShine tracked down the guy/girl who uploaded the chapter and I don't know what happened next and I DON'T want to know.

Anyway, while I was on MangaFox, there was a LOT of thread posts talking about Crash! 2 (Sequel). Some people said no, it's only a one-shot and some people said it's the sequel and will not continue reading it because Hana is not the heroine anymore.

That's why I hate spoilers, you just quit reading a book because the main character isn't her or isn't him.
Are you guys actually going to quit reading the book we've put so much effort into so you guys will be able to read until the end.
I'm really disappointed, so what if the main character isn't the same? IT'S STILL THE SAME FREAKING STORY.
So get over it people and face reality.


p-s: and yes, we will also do the sequel.

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  1. Maay I know the name 4 the sequel cuz I want 2 know what hapens next ?